Virtual Gait Analysis

A virtual gait analysis allows you to get a full and expert breakdown of your running gait from anywhere! All you need to do is send in a few videos of you running and Dr. Gabby Goshtigian will breakdown your mechanics and how your movement patterns may be contributing to recurring injury or poor performance. 


A virtual gait analysis includes: 

  • Edited videos of your gait pointing out pertinent mechanics related to injury and performance

  • A written summary detailing said mechanics and how they relate to YOU as a runner

  • Suggested corrective exercises and drills customized to you

  • Suggested gait corrections and cues/tips to correct

  • 20-minute video conference with Dr. Goshtigian to review your gait analysis and answer any questions

Increased Stride Length.png

Video Instructions

  • We will need 5-6 videos/views which are shown below (*last video only if able)

  • Use a good camera or phone and a steady hand

  • Wear shorts and either tuck your shirt in all the way around OR wear cropped or no shirt for visibility of pelvis

  • For close up of feet get level with treadmill, for full body be sure you can visualize head to toe

  • Preference for filming on a treadmill 

    • IF UNABLE -  take videos of yourself running straight toward and away from camera as well as running past camera from both side​s

Single leg Squat

​Full Back View

​Full Side View

Feet Back View

Feet Side View

*Knees/Feet - Front

I'm interested! What do I do?

  1. Purchase your virtual gait analysis with button below 

  2. It will prompt you to select a specific time to schedule, just select and disregard to get to intake info

  3. Follow instructions in confirmation email!