T H E  K I C K S T A R T 

Our Complete Beginner Runner's Program

Our immersive beginner runners experience, designed by experts of the human body to meet your unique needs. This program will teach you the foundations of proper movement, to get and stay healthy as a runner from the best in the business.

You will leave this program with ...

-confidence in your movement

-improved mobility

-better posture

-feeling stronger & more powerful

- improved running performance

-less pain & reduced risk of future injury


In fact, we expect you to leave each session feeling better than when you walked in. Whether you're brand new to running or returning from extended time off, consider this the all-encompassing kickstart you need for immediate and long lasting health as a runner!


  • Detailed movement screen & gait analysis to assess possible dysfunction and identify root causes of injury risk or performance barriers for custom programming


  • Assessment and discussion on the right running shoe for you with a 15% discount at Marathon Sports!


  • In-depth written report and edited gait analysis videos from initial session and final session


  • 12 private training/gait optimization sessions, custom designed for your body & goals (in person or virtual) with a physical therapist, strength coach and running/movement expert


  • Premier access to our mobile app AND on-demand video library. You will receive personalized home exercise and workout recommendations with goal tracking & accountability options on the app.


  • Unlimited (24/7) communication via text with your instructor to answer questions


  • Welcome kit including resistance bands, pilates ball, and a FREE book - "Endure" by Alex Hutchinson


  • 25% discount on in-studio products including the popular “Bodyfuel” clean energy bites


  • 1 FREE month of run coaching to kickstart your training and achieve your running goals and 15% off your first 3 months of run coaching after that!


  • 10 FREE Normatec Recovery Boot sessions to help you recover smarter