The Run RX's Healthy Runner's Holiday Gift Guide


'Tis the season! We've got your list of awesome gadgets to add to your home gym to keep you and your running loved ones healthy! While we could add lots to this list, these are 5 of our personal favorite gadgets that fit even the smallest of home-gyms at a reasonable price.

Read on for videos of exercises, promotional codes and a little more info on each item!

The MOBO Board

This has quickly become my favorite piece of equipment for PT and training clients alike. A big upgrade from a wobble board. It was designed by a physical therapist with the human anatomy in mind. It will work everything up the chain but starting at the foundation with your foot making it super efficient to work feet, hips and everything else. The hole prevents gripping from the little toes and teaches you to use the right muscles of your foot. The single axis of movement specifically challenges the plane where we see collapse and dysfunction. You can take any standing exercise it and do it on the MOBO for the added foot benefit.

Even better news is you can get 10% off your MOBO Board using code THERUNRX10 at checkout!

The Toe Pro

The Toe Pro adds more challenge to your feet with your heel raises and emphasizes toe and arch strength. Great for anyone who has dealt with injuries of the foot/ankle or calf such as stress fractures, achilles tendinopathy, plantar fasciitis and more. It has been shown to result in 4-fold increases in strength of the foot.

Get yourself a Toe Pro with 20% off using promo code THERUNRX at checkout.

Pilates Ball

Inspired by our friends at The Pilates RX, I started utilizing this little ball for so many great core stability and hip strength exercises. It is small and affordable, perfect addition to a small home gym to upgrade your core stability routine! Especially if you have a history of low back pain, hip related issues and all the pre and post-natal runners out there! Here's the one I use.


Pro tip: they make "exercise" versions of these but the ones I use are just furniture sliders - cheaper and more slide-y! These are great for varying your lunges, cores stability exercises and eccentric work for that nagging hamstring injury. Here's the set I use.

Monster Band

These are super compact and versatile! The one I am using is a 1/2" option which provides just enough resistance to dynamic warm ups, plyometrics and core stability exercises.

These are made by many fitness outlets including Rogue, Titan and TB12. Find a basic option here!

Most importantly, there isn't a better gift to give than the gift of movement! We offer gift cards for packages and gait analysis at The Run RX for the special runner in your life! What better time to move better and feel stronger than ever going into the new year.

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