The Run RX: A Model Made for the Modern Athlete

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Hello, and welcome to The Run RX blog! While this platform will eventually be used to provide lots of exercise ideas, info and educational material from a Doctor of Physical Therapy, for our first blog I wanted to share a little about our model and why we think it is so suitable to the modern athlete.

Who is the Modern Athlete?

A modern athlete is someone who is active, and motivated to keep their body healthy and moving at it’s peak capacity. This includes everyone from professional athletes, aspiring professional athletes, to weekend warriors and young budding high school athletes. We want to help you perform at your highest level in whatever you do, across the lifespan. Unfortunately, the standard healthcare model can be difficult to navigate through the inevitable ups and downs of an active lifestyle.

At The Run RX we have the flexibility of being in a fitness setting with strength and conditioning as well as physical therapy under one roof, provided by the same clinician. This allows for continuity through the cycle of training and life with someone who knows you and your history. Whether you are feeling great and looking to train for a new fitness goal, working hard to return from acute injury or in and endless rut of chronic pain keeping you from doing what you love. You have the ability to utilize me wherever I fit in your toolbox. I’m here as your tool to help you continue to train and perform.

Be an Educated Health & Fitness Consumer

Did you know Massachusetts has direct access to care? That means physical therapists can be your point of entry for healthcare upon onset of pain or injury without a referral from your doctor. You can end the cycle of going from one doctor to the next, only before ending up where you need to be after pain has gotten worse. Most PCP or ortho specialist visits are usually very short and infrequent. The full sessions spent more regularly with a PT often reveal more about what is going on, or even send us in a different direction completely from initial diagnosis as we naturally discover patterns to your movement and pain. If after evaluation we feel it’s important you see a doc then we can send you, but most of the time PT is where you end up. Think of us as your primary care provider for orthopedic pain.

Gait Optimization and How We're Different

If you’ve had someone analyze your gait and simply give you a few corrective exercises before sending you on your way, you’re falling way short if you’re looking to make true change. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just isolated strengthening of certain muscles we find to be weak. The principle of specificity states that sports training should be relevant and appropriate to the sport for which the individual is training in order to produce the desired effect. In short, you have to train the specific activity to change that motor pattern.

At The Run RX, following a comprehensive gait analysis, we will work together with over-treadmill live coaching to retrain and optimize your running gait to reduce risk of injury and improve performance. This is also reinforced with off-treadmill corrective exercises and strength training individualized to you and your goals as part of your session to keep you healthy and performing at your best.

Running not your sport? Not a problem. We love working with all athletes and apply our same passion and biomechanical expertise to assess and train your movement patterns whether it's soccer, basketball, dance or Crossfit!

For more info check out our About Us and FAQ page and check back for our next blog, The Anatomy of a Running Shoe.

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