The Run RX Digital Library

Welcome to our digital library! We hope these resources help you become a healthier and stronger athlete or fitness enthusiast. Whether it be as a runner, cross-fitter or anything else you love! These exercises are a great starting place. It is important to execute them properly and if you're looking for more 1-on-1 personalized guidance I am happy to assist!

5 Core Stability Exercises for Runners

5 Exercises designed to help you create a steadier pelvis in multiple planes!

5 Strength Exercises for Beginner Runners

If you're new to running, incorporating these 5 exercises ensures you're hitting all the major groups that keep you strong and injury free as a runner. 

Shoulder Stability & Mobility For Injury Prevention

Stability drills for improved strength and stability of the shoulder complex and mobility exercises to improve thoracic motion for total shoulder health for the active individual.